Longarm Quilting Services by Carmen M F Smith

Want to show that work of art off to your neighbors? Let Quilts In The Wind help you!

Quilts In The Wind offers edge-to-edge, semi-custom, and custom longarm machine quilting. Just mail in or drop off your finished top and backing fabric. I will piece the back, assemble the sandwich, and add those special stitches to make your top a treasured quilt.


Hey There,

It’s great to meet ya! I am a fellow quilter, home-maker, and rancher living in windy Wyoming with my husband, son, and 2 spoiled dogs.

My love of quilting developed through my love of family and tradition. I love the thought of passing on a treasure through the generations and wanted to create those treasures. Quilting also provided me with a canvas for my hand embroidery work, something I learned from my grandmother. So, I asked my mom to teach me how to sew and quilt.

I have been quilting for over ten years so I understand the thought and time that went in to piecing your top. I started long arm quilting so that I could oversee my quilting projects from start to finish with creativity and love. Now I want to offer that same service to you.

With access to an infinite number of digital designs, I offer edge-to-edge, semi-custom, and custom machine quilting on my Baby Lock Coronet with ProStitcher. With my 12' frame, I can complete any size project from micro quilts and wall hangings to king sized spreads.

I’m excited to collaborate with you to make your quilt a treasured work of art!


What You Should Know

Preparing your Quilt Top

There are a few steps you can take to help prepare your quilt top for quilting:

  • Square your quilt top.
  • Press the quilt top and trim away stray thread. If you have pets, you may want to run a lint roller over the top to collect any pet hair.
  • If the quilt is directional, please mark the “top side” of the quilt with a small note pinned to the quilt.
  • Do not pin the layers together. I need them sepperate to load them on the frame.

Backing Preperation

I would be happy to prepare your backing for you! Just send the backing material with your quilt top. I recommend using a wide backing material (108"). Please mark the “right side” of the material and I will do the rest.

If you choose to prepare your quilt backing, please make sure it is 4 inches wider than your top on all sides. Please indicate the top right side of the backing with a small note pinned to the backing. Please not include the salvages in seems that may be stitched over by the machine.


I prefer to use Quilter’s Dream batting and will keep a small stock of Quilters Dream Cotton batting. The cost of the batting will depend on the size of the quilt and the type of the batting. You are welcome to send a batting of your choice with your quilt top. Please make sure the batting is bigger than the quilt top by 4 inches on all sides.

Getting Your Quilt Top To Me

There are 2 ways to get your quilt to me:

  • Make an appointment and drop your quilt off to me.
  • Send your quilt to me using USPS or UPS

Please include your contact information with the quilt, including name, phone number, address, and email address. I recommend sending your backing and quilt top and backing fabric inside a plastic, sealable bag. This will keep the project together and limit damage from moisture during shipping. I also recommend using a flat box over a thicker mailing envelope to protect it from tears.

Consider adding insurance to your package in case of loss during shipping.

When I Get Your Project

I want you to enjoy this creative process! You can choose to schedule a consultation with me on your vision for the quilt or you can let me make the decisions for you.

I will help you choose the best quilting method to fit your vision and the purpose of the quilt. With a consultation or via email, I can help you decide on thread color, type of quilting, and the design. Then I will get to work on finishing your quilt. Please indicate which side is the “top” of the quilt.

Types Of Quilting

There are three types of quilting for you to choose from:

  • Edge-To-Edge: This is a continuous line pattern that will be used across the entire quilt. Edge-to-edge quilting is great choice when you want the piecing to stand out over the quilting.

  • Semi-custom: This is quilting combines and edge-to-edge design with custom borders. This is a great choice for panel quilts.

  • Custom: Custom quilting gives is more detailed, with designs varying from block to block and with custom borders. Custom quilting is a great choice when you want the quilting to stand out over the piecing or when you want to highlight different areas of a quilt.

Finishing Your Quilt

I will trim you quilt, free of charge, upon request. I also provide machine binding for a fee of $25.00 per quilt. Please include your binding material with you quilt top.

How Long Will I Have Your Quilt?

I take projects in the order which I receive them. Because of the attention I want to give your quilt, I do not have a set finishing time. If you have a timeline for finishing the quilt, lets discuss that to see if I can meet your goal.

Invoicing & Return Shipping

I will email and invoice to you at the completion of your quilt. You can choose to make an appointment to pick up your finished quilt or I will have it shipped back to you with additional insurance up to $300. I will include the price of shipping on your invoice. Payment is due upon pickup or before shipping. I can accept cash, check, or Venmo.


Edge-To-Edge Quilting


per square inch

Semi-Custom Quilting


per square inch

Custom Quilting


per square inch

Minimum Quilting Fee


for all quilts 1200 square inches or less



per quilt



per color

Machine Binding


per quilt



per package

Example: Edge-To-Edge Quilting

Twin Size Quilt

measuring 65" (width) x 85" (length)

Total square inches = 5,525

5,525 x $.025 = $138.13

Example: Semi-Custom Quilting

Panel Quilt with Borders

measuring 40" (width) x 56" (length)

Total square inches = 2,240

2,240 x $.03 = $67.20

Example: Custom Quilting

Wall hanging

measuring 12" (width) x 24" (length)

Total square inches = 288"

288 x $.035 = $10.08

Rounded up to the Minimum Fee = $50.00

Sizing Chart
































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